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Paradisverkstaden Frö ljusstake
Paradisverkstaden nyheter keramik Eva Moa Hannah Paradis
Paradisverkstaden keramik dukning med tallrikar och kopp Morgon grå
Paradisverkstaden nyheter keramik dukning i växthus
Paradisverkstaden Öland keramik Kolonn med Lantliv koppar och rottingsoffa med kuddar
Paradisverkstaden nyheter keramik dukning servis bröllop hotell Borgholm

At Paradisverkstaden , the nature of Öland is one of the main sources of inspiration when creating new ceramics. As the seasons change, we also present our latest ceramics.

It can be new colours or products in our three dinner services. Or brand new ceramics that you can find via Interiör, where we show, among other things, the Paradise Workshop Candle Plates and Fröhus collections.