About Paradisverkstaden

Picnic at Stora Alvaret and pictures from Paradisverkstaden. Film: Ola Mork

Paradisverkstaden is a family-owned company that works with stoneware clay in all forms. We design and manufacture everything from small utility items and tableware to larger sculptural objects. The heart is on Öland where Eva ( Textile ) and Olof ( Ceramics ) Paradis met during their craft training at Capellagården and later started Paradisverkstaden almost 50 years ago. The daughters Hannah and Moa who now run Paradisverkstaden are educated at Konstfack, Beckman School of design and Malmö Academy of Art. All members of the Paradis family have their own design language and their own collections. At Paradis you will experience something unique when everyone in a family who has chosen the aesthetic career path chooses to create and run a business together. We are happy to collaborate with other artists, restaurateurs, architects to produce site-specific ceramics for special environments. We are represented in Sweden and internationally. Our beautiful shop and exciting workshop is a well-visited destination on Öland open all year round. Here you can see exhibitions, be inspired, enjoy, have a coffee inside or outside in the lush garden, peek into the workshop and shop for art objects, beautiful things for the table setting, home or garden. We wish the visitor a sensual experience where ceramics and creativity are at the centre, with nature as our main source of inspiration.

Olof Paradis has designed the houses to meet the changing needs of the workshop. We are currently building a model and plaster studio. Our latest collection in collaboration with Synnöve Mork is made in porcelain clay. Welcome to visit us on Öland!

"From earth you came, from earth you shall return"

Moa, Hannah, Eva and Olof Paradis with Staff