Morning grey

Photo Öland: Joachim Grusell

Morning fog, southern Öland



It is at the same time incredibly beautiful and melancholic enigmatic. When the Öland morning light meets the dawn fog, something happens. The landscape is experienced as layering and revealing itself in different layers from pale ice blue to the deepest blue-black. Sometimes with clearly defined shades between mist, elves, stone walls, horizon, sea and sky. Sometimes with soft fades and barely noticeable transitions. Creepy and breathtakingly beautiful at the same time. When a designer stands in the middle of this feeling and experience of nature, something happens.

"When I lie down on the flat Alvaret I want I want to merge with nature and the scents, the warm slabs with spicy herbs and healthy lichens. In autumn the resting, decaying with earthy dark minerals." designer Maja Lindahl.



Soft colors that flow together in matte and shiny glazes.

Kristin Kaspersen and Maja Lindahl.



In the design process of the Morgon Grå tableware, impressions and memories are layered upon layer just like the light in that special Öland morning. Designer Maja Lindahl and Kristin Kaspersen meet in the design process with their various references and thoughts.

"Mum set the breakfast table nicely the night before so it was just a matter of putting the breakfast on the table, but everything else was there, cups, napkins, plates and new candles in the candlesticks. When I moved away from home, it's something I brought with me. Whether I am alone or with my children, I prepare breakfast the night before.” Kristin Kaspersen





Cup in Blush (Mirror with claw)




"The step is not far to the ceramics and clay in their original form. Lifted from the ground. The one that man has processed for millennia. Shape, decorate and burn.” Hannah Paradise

There are traces of Japanese design thinking in the collection with its restrained aesthetics. The beautiful appears clearly in the simple stripped down. It is not far off to want to call Morgon Grå and Paradismorgon "Öland's zen".




Lime and glossy lichen.


"To freely use the parts as you wish. Drink soup from a mug, coffee from a glass, small fruits on a plate. Smoothie out of a coffee cup. Save & store with and without a lid. I mix all shapes and colors on my breakfast table.” Maja Lindahl



Morning Grey/Paradise Morning: From dawn to dusk.
Today's all meals and fellowships.



Morning Grey is the start of the day and was also the start of a design journey; Paradis morning. The same basic philosophy is now expressed during all meals of the day. The color scale is still Öland, but draws more on all the warm clay colors of nature.




Oats, Nature and Graphite.



Where sky and sea meet, merge, flow together like in a watercolor. The flat Öland, the quiet variation in the horizon and the line, sometimes floating, tone by tone, or like fog curtains. A simple gesture that occurs between the brush stroke and the glaze. Small variations just like in nature. The mud and soil provide nourishment for fruit and vegetables, beetroot, artichoke, potatoes. And plants such as lichen, moss fat bud, low-growing serious plants. The tension between the ground and...the light, the almost savanna-like landscape can shift from gray scale to gold.




Lime, Gray and Graphite.







Nothing is received on Öland. The beautiful landscape shows itself endlessly and has no distant limit.