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Just south of the Öland Bridge lies Paradisverkstaden, a ceramics center with a view over the water, meadows and Kalmar. Here visitors can enjoy the glass and ceramics displayed in a bright and open architecture, surrounded by a beautiful garden. All things are produced by hand, thrown, cast, glazed and painted in Paradisverkstaden or the workshop near Gdansk in the highest quality. The heart of Paradisverkstaden lies in the family, the studio and workshop on Öland but new interesting co-labs develops and strengthens the dynamic creativity and brings new ideas and audiences.

The material is stoneware,thrown, cast and painted by hand. The shapes and colors are always soft and trendy, seeking fluent perfectionism. Each season new collections are developed and the colour palette shifts. Paradis NEW consists of unique objects, limited collections and experiments that always changes.
Olof's design language is simple and functional with a sleek finish, while Eva's is organic and painterly. Together they created the Paradise workshop signature style. Their daughters, Hannah and Moa, add a playful function and abstract decorations.


Eva and Olof Paradis met at Capellagården, Carl Malmsten's School in Vickleby, where Olof was trained as a potter and Eva as a textile artist. After further training and practice in France and Denmark, they started Paradisverkstaden in 1975. From the outset, the design language was unique with their ridges and spheres, which were the base for Olof's shapes and Eva's decor.
In the eighties, they developed the popular series Blue and Pink Floral and "Slottskrukan" (Castle Pot). They were named purveyor to the court 1986. Olof turned birdbaths, candelabras, and several leveled pillar plates, which Eva adorned in relief. As the demand increased, parts of the raw goods production were outsourced to potters in Gotland and later to a small workshop near Gdansk. In the nineties, the color scale exploded in Eva's collection "Prickar och Ränder" (Dots and Stripes). Olof developed new throwing techniques with double-thrown (turned) forms that Eva painted in gold and platinum. They began exhibiting at NK and Svensk Tenn and participated in exhibitions in Stockholm and Frankfurt. They made the series Nature and Beach in platinum and fyle clay from Skåne and developed a new decorative technique in the dinnerware "Spira" (Scepter). In cooperation with Millesgården they made the collection "Fröhus" (Seed Pod), which is still growing.
While continuing with unique plates and urns with hand-carved reliefs, Hannah Paradis' first collection of vases and pots appeared, decorated in stripes and plaids. Moa Paradis developed the collection called "Linie" (Line) with products for the garden, such as hanging birdbaths, funnel-shaped pots and candlesticks. Both daughters are working with design and are responsible for market exposure and production. Olof has designed all the Paradisverkstaden buildings, and in the summer of 2014, a new workshop will be inaugurated where you can see the production in progress.


Paradisverkstaden ceramics are made with stoneware clay, a high temperaturematerial that is oven-proof and dishwasher and microwave safe. Each product is handled 27 times before it is finished. All ceramics except the series Fröhusand Reliefare turned by hand. Plates and platters are partly form-thrown; this process results in more consistent quality, to make the dishes stackable. "Fröhus" and "Flora Skulptura" are molded by hand. Eva sculpts and cuts reliefs for all unique objects. In the workshop near Gdansk, three to five artisans work at throwing and casting. After manufacturing the raw goods, the goods must dry for a time depending on the thickness and technology. In bisque firing, the ceramics is prepared for decoration and glazing. Rebecca, Joanna, and Moa paint the various collections and tableware; Eva paints the unique objects. Moa, Mika and Karim glaze and set kilns. Both dip glazing and spray glazing are used. The final glaze firing uses temperatures in the 1230-1250 C range. This takes two days. Objects with platinum and gold require an additional firing up to 800 degrees. New designs and glazes are developed every spring and fall season.
Welcome to our workshop. Here you can watch throwing, glazing and painting.


Welcome to an oasis paradise just south of the Öland Bridge. Here ceramics and glass are shown in the exhibition shop. Everything produced from unique items, formal experimentation and all collections is shown in the big light showroom. The aim is to inspire creativity and to help you find your own combinations.
The shop displays other design elements that complement the ceramics. Garden furniture from Fermob and Sika, bags and accessories from Afroart and Ceannis, inspiring textiles from India and Vexbo Lin in Hälsingland, rugs and lamps from Baghi and Snow Puppy, sheepskin from Shephard and woolen slippers and ceramic jewelry from Denmark. We strive to include products that are well-made, environmentally sound, and long-lasting. Throughout the summer, one can enjoy ice cream, sweets, sandwiches and coffee in the garden cafe.

Paradisverkstaden Design AB
Snäckstrand 386 33 Färjestaden

Phone: +46 485 316 24
Visitingadress: Paradisvägen 2, 386 33 Färjestaden
Opening hours
Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturday: 10am - 4pm
Christmas day and Christmas eve closed
New Year´s Eve and New Year´s Day closed